Chris Brown – Take a Risk

Chris Brown Take a Risk

Chris Brown has finally unveiled his long awaited ninth studio album, called “Indigo.” The album was preceded by four singles: the R&B-centered “Undecided” and “Back to Love,” the Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy-assisted “Wobble Up,” and the long-awaited reunion with Drake, “No Guidance.”

Chris Brown Take a Risk. “Take a Risk” is another brand new single by “Chris Brown”.

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Quotable lyrics off  Chris Brown Take a Risk

I must be stupid
Or I must be crazy, oh
Yeah, I must be useless to you
And I must be lovin’ you lazy
Out my mind ’cause you’re cryin’
You’re sayin’ I did this to you
Baby, I’m sick of this
Keep sayin’ I ain’t listenin’

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