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Five years after an Ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide a survivor and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety.

I just watched Bird Box last night, directly after watching A Quiet Place for the first time. They really are nothing alike, other than they are both high concept movies that don’t hold up to logic or scrutiny, but most people who watch this sort of thing are happy to agree just to not let their minds go there and spoil it for themselves (at least until after, when it’s actually fun to poke holes in it).

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Overall, I suppose I would have to concede that A Quiet Place is the superior film. The acting is superb. However, I personally enjoyed Bird Box more. I felt more fully engaged with Malorie and her character development than with anyone in A Quiet Place. I felt a lot more menace from the creatures and more anxiety on behalf of Malorie and her charges than I did for the family in A Quiet Place. I suppose it’s because A Quiet Place was a sort of ‘We were so perfect and happy before all this happened, ain’t it tragic,’ whereas in Bird Box, we get, ‘I always believed there was nothing to trust or hang onto in this life, but for some reason now that this has happened I want to stay alive anyway and the struggle for survival has taught me to see how beautiful and precious it is to be connected to others and value life.’

The people in A Quiet Place start who they are and stay that way. The only one who has any sort of development is the deaf daughter. I enjoyed the character development in Bird Box much more. There are no surprises there, but it’s still satisfying to watch the story unfold.

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